Saturday, 23 July 2011

COSTOR, general infos

Purpose of the message: The COSTOR message is intended to provide a packing or unpacking facility with details of cargo items to be  stuffed (ie. packed) into specified shipping containers, or stripped (ie. unpacked) from specified containers.

Parties involved: The COSTOR is mainly sent from Carrier/Liner Agent to Container Freight Station (ie. stuffing / stripping location).

In my EDI environment COSTOR is not used at all; in case of stuffing/stripping moves CODECO is normally used: a specific post about this topic will be issued later.

I have drafted a COSTOR sample based on the ITIGG MIG vers. 1.2. Here below you can find an extract: the full sample will be posted and commented subsequently on the forum in the UN/EDIFACT Sample section.



Tuesday, 19 July 2011

BAPLIE and 11-tiers on deck

Life goes on and Shipping Lines are going to maximize their profit by using vessels bigger then ever.

Vessels with up to 11-tiers on deck may create some issue with the BAPLIE file: according the ISO recommended numbering the tier on deck should start from 82; this would mean that in case of 10th or 11th tier the corresponding ISO format should be 100 or 110.

Unfortunately, in the current cell position format, the tier number cannot exceeds the two digits; this brings me to the next question: how are you handling this issue in your working environment ?

It was told me that, in order to overcome this issue, some Carriers decided to start the tier numbers on deck not with 82 but with 62 but what about you ?!

Friday, 15 July 2011

How to get an INVOIC from a csv file

Surfing the web I found out a very interesting project here.

At the moment the developer has only implemented the conversion of a *.csv file in INVOIC D96A but also let me know that, in case of request, can implement any new UN/EDIFACT format based on a concrete sample / MIG. 

You can download a sample of *.csv file here: check for the file structure (the column names are included in the first line), generate your own file with your own data and submit it via the ftp: you'll get a fully structured INVOIC D96A for free !

Here you can find all the details and here a sample of INVOIC generated via this process.

Have fun guys !

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Added Sub-Forums "UN/EDIFACT Samples" on My EDI Notes Forum

In my modest opinion samples are as important as a good UN/EDIFACT guide.

That's because I decided to add to the forum a section entirely dedicated to UN/EDIFACT samples.

Fell free to post your samples and open all the topics you wish !

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Transhipment Scenario

Here below a new scenario concerning the transhipment of containers from Feeder Vessel to Deep Sea Vessel.

Monday, 11 July 2011

COPINO case of study: ECT Terminal

The below snapshot comes from ECT web site and offers a very interesting overview about the procedures currently implemented to deliver import containers by means of UN/EDIFACT messages COREOR and COPINO.

Parties involved in the procedure are:
- Box Operator (ie. Line, Liner Agent etc) which is in charge for COREOR;
- Inland Carrier (ie. Trucking Company or Barge) which is in charge for COPINO.

Basically containers will be released from the Terminal only in case the PIN number declared by Inland Carrier in COPINO will match with PIN number declared in COREOR by Box Operator.

Look here about how to declare a PIN number into COREOR.