Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mapping a remark field into FTX segment

Mapping an internal remark field, from the source data base to a FTX segment of an out-coming EDI transaction, may be  an issue.

First of all you should wonder which kind of data the end user could store into the source data base as remark and if it is appropriate to send it to an external customer: while debugging some EDI transactions it happened me to find very funny data and even some telephone numbers to contact, at the transport stage of the container, in case of problems. 

Furthermore, piece of data into FTX segment, are often incompatible with the character set adopted in the interchange and, although unnecessary, prevent message to be properly processed. 

Here below some very common errors which happen in my EDI environment mainly based on the UNOA character set:

Lowercase characters
FTX+AAI+++clean container foodstuff quality'
Missing escape character "?" in conjunction with ":"
FTX+AAI+++RELEASE DATE FROM: 19/09/2012'  
 Not allowed character "\"

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Main carriage transport in COPARN

An error that often I have to handle manually in my EDI environment concerns the 'Main Carriage Transport' declared in the H.TDT.TDT segment of some COPARN messages.

Let’s have a look at the following sample:

TDT+20+2036+1++XXX:172:166+++XXX:103::VESSEL NAME'

That’s a COPARN concerning a container with the following characteristics:
  1. To be loaded onto a vessel qualified as 'Main Carriage Transport';
  2. Loading port: Genoa (ITGOA);
  3. Place/Port of discharge: Melbourne (AUMEL);
  4. Place/Port of destination for stowage purposes: Melbourne (AUMEL);
  5. Activity Location: Salerno (ITSAL).
So here is the final container route:
  1. Collected/Deivered at Salerno port;  
  2. Loaded from Salerno to Genoa Port by a feeder vessel;  
  3. Transhipped from Genoa to Melbourne Port by the mother vessel declared in the TDT segment.
Of course not always mother vessels, operational on external quays,  are stored into my system and unfortunately affected COPARN messages get rejected due to missing valid vessel call.