Sunday, 18 November 2012

COARRI report vs time based COARRI

Basically there are two ways to send COARRI to an EDI customer: 
  1. Based a time interval (eg. every 5-minutes); 
  2. When all containers have been discharged/loaded from/to vessel. 
The first type of COARRI implies that an unpredictable number of interchanges have been sending to the EDI customer based a time interval. 

The second type of COARRI implies that up to two interchanges (eg. 1 COARRI discharge and 1 COARRI loading) have been sending to the EDI customer. 

Both the ways are valid but I manly use the first one for the following reasons: 
  1. To be updated, in (almost) real time, about vessel status is indeed big advantage; 
  2. In case containers discharged from vessel are going to be released before the end of vessel operations the EDI customer will still receive first the COARRI and then the CODECO; 
  3. Often, receiving COARRI in duly time allows EDI customer to cater the corresponding EDI (eg. COREOR) and speed-up Terminal operations without accumulating too many EDI to be processed at the very last minute.