Friday, 21 May 2021

Options to report VGM data for incoming export containers

One of the funniest things connected to the SOLAS regulation, is that terminals can report the VGM of incoming export containers in several ways. 

    1. The recommended option: VERMAS

VERMAS incorporates information on the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a packed container, the time, place and method of determination of the VGM, the responsible parties, and references required by the receiver to assign the VGM to his transactions. If terminals want to go for standard option then that's definitely the right choice.

    2. The alternative option: including VGM data to the Full-In CODECO

In order to comply SOLAS requirements, CODECO SMDG 16 maintained by SMDG, includes amendments for transmission of data specifying a container’s verified gross mass (VGM) according to SOLAS regulation 2,chapter VI, paragraphs 4-6. If terminals cannot handle VERMAS, that's a good option.

    3. The last option: sending VGM with a separate Equipment Status Change CODECO

If, for any reason, terminal needs to keep separate the VGM process and the Gate process and cannot handle VERMAS then sending a CODECO with BGM0101=999 (Equipment Status Change Report) is definitely a good option.

Each option has both pros and cons but now, the real question is: which option do you use?