Monday, 31 October 2011

Container messages set

Most of the messages handled till now belong to the container messages set (ie. CO**** ).

Here below the full set of container messages:

CALINF Call information ( vessel ) / advice of expected container operations 
COARRI Container discharge / loading report 
CODECO Container gate in gate out report 
CODENO Document expiration / clearance ready notice 
COEDOR Container stock report 
COHAOR Container special handling order 
COPARN Container announcement 
COPINO Container pre notification 
COPRAR Container discharge / loading order 
COREOR Container release order 
COSTCO Container stuffing / stripping confirmation 
COSTOR Container stuffing / stripping order 
DESTIM Equipment damage /  repair estimate 
VESDEP Vessel departure

Here, under the label  miscellaneous document, you can find a very interesting document by the ITIGG. This document is referred to in the formal message documentation of all the CO**** messages as the "Guide to the Scenario of EDIFACT Container Messages".

In the next post I'll handle the remaining messages of the set.