Friday, 8 June 2012

Adding CR/LF to an EDIFACT message

Everybody who handles EDIFACT messages, at least once in his life, needs to have a closer look at the message/segment contents in order to figure out the reason of a mapping failure: well, it's a dirty job but someone got to do it...

Then things may get harder when message has no CR/LF breaks and your EDIFACT translator has not a built in tool  to make message readable: find out the error becomes a real nightmare !

Well, a reader of  this blog (off course smart people read smart blog :D) has created a web application with the following features: 
  1. Adding a CR/LF after every segment ends;
  2. Properly numerate every line/segment of the message. 
You can have a look at this new brand project here and maybe, in the future, the developer will also add some extra features, who knows... :)

I have also added the site in the Web Utilities section.

Thank you Nick for sharing your good job !


  1. Thank you, Giuseppe :-)

    While development has somewhat stalled recently, I just wanted to come here to tell that we moved the site over to - we figured that this would be easier to remember for international users..

    1. Hello Nick !

      It's a pleasure read you again :)

      I have updated the link into the 'Web Utilities' section.

      Let us know in case of further developments !