Thursday, 31 May 2012

UNOA character set

When processing an incoming EDIFACT message each software determines the character set to use  from the UNB1 data element. No setting in the trading partner agreement is necessary.

In my EDI environment the most used character set is UNOA.

Here is basic rules for UNOA character set:

  • Allowed Characters:

Letters, upper case    A to Z 
Numerals               0 to 9 
Space character
Full stop              . 
Comma                  , 
Hyphen / minus sign    - 
Opening parentheses    ( 
Closing parentheses    ) 
Oblique stroke (slash)
Equals sign            

  • Reserved Characters:

Apostrophe             ' segment terminator 
Plus sign              + segment tag and data element separator 
Colon                  : component data element separator 
Question mark          ? release character *

?  immediately preceding one of the characters ‘ + : ? restores their normal meaning. E.g. 
10?+10=20 means 10+10=20. Question mark is represented by ??

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  1. Thank you, your clear and concise description of this character set.