Friday, 27 September 2019

Standardization problems

Standardization is definitely a complicated process: tons of MIGs are available on the web but end users always find the way to create unpredictable variables to prevent a correct data processing.  

Recently, I'm struggling with an issue about the VAT number of freight forwarders/custom brokers reported into COREOR D00B: apparently, it's unclear if the nation code has to be included, as NAD02, in NAD segment when reporting the VAT number

In terms of message structure, that's the issue: 




Value reported in NAD02, is the target value to transcoding hence the prefix 'IT' makes a big difference when applying the mapping rules and the translation rules.

I'm quite interested in collecting feed-back about this topic: in case you are experiencing the same issue in your EDI environment, you can drop a comment here!

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